we will create a suitably matured market for the upcoming era of digital assets.
Countless related platform services will be launched with main points based on PER.



Whatever project means for you, we bring all the pieces you need so you can get things done.

CIC Community Co., Ltd.

CIC Community Co., Ltd. issued PER PROJECT based on Klaytn Chain and we operate this project in relating to a community philosophy.
By providing countless valuable and entertaining services,
the PER PROJECT is dynamically expanding.



emerges as a major digital asset class with synergy effects starting from the SUPER COMMUNITY and the CIC COMMUNITY.

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Our Cherished Features

PER PROJECT grows as a meaningful digital asset based on the community philosophy.

We build a platform where to generate values with numerous peoples’ meaningful participation while making PER coin a very interesting and valuable major digital asset class.

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Brand NEW Features

The new era of digital assets is changing countless portions of our lives.

With the arrival of digital assets, new possibilities for value storage and payment methods are presented and we will be focused on it as growing up.